Taking advantage of metrics by sending notifications via Slack

In my previous post, we deployed Prometheus Operator with the Helm Chart and a set of services to demonstrate how to collect metrics using prom-client and exporters. Don’t forget that the purpose of observability is to infer the status of a system, so for the metrics to serve their purpose, they must communicate something to the right people when the values are not within the boundaries defined by the organization. Alerts can help you with that.

Alerting in Prometheus is separated into two parts. On Prometheus, you create alert rules that define the condition for alerts to be fired. When…

It has been a long time since the initial release of Terraform in 2014, we have seen new providers, changes in the CLI and on the functions as well, but I think we are yet to see one of its biggest improvements, the Cloud Development Kit. I won’t assume that you are familiar with Terraform or even with Infrastructure as Code, so I’ll explain it very briefly.

Infrastructure as Code

Working with infrastructure was always a complicated process, people used to put servers in place, configure them and setup the operative system to finally install the dependencies and get an application up and…

A distributed tracing quick start with Jaeger and OpenTelemetry

Last time, we used Prometheus Alert Manager to configure rules that would send notifications via Slack when triggered. Even though having alerts and notifications it’s great, can metrics help you troubleshoot or explain a problem by themselves?. This is where the problem arises; metrics are good to tell you that something happened with a single instance, according to the boundaries you defined for their values, but as soon as you start working with a distributed system, metrics won’t tell you the story of a request that goes through multiple components. With the microservices boom, systems are becoming more complex, and…

Starting your journey in observability by gathering metrics with Prometheus

Have you ever seen someone trying to find how to solve an issue and a dozen people watching or suggesting to him/her what to look for as if they were trying to solve a mystery? . These situations arise more questions than answers, and trying to get the answers can consume most of your time and in the end, it will have an impact on your company.

The “unknown” can be hard to spot or even to understand and that’s where Observability comes in, it gives you the ability to understand what is broken or what is failing and may…

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